TOT (Teams of Tomorrow) is an exciting weekly basketball class offered at your child's preschool. TOT is where athletics, academics, and agility are all combined to teach  ball-handling and dribbling skills to students ages 3-5. The entire class is set to music (think of the Harlem Globetrotters, only cuter!). We also include a "Brain Train" section of class, where we reinforce academic concepts (shapes, mixing colors, counting in Spanish and French, vowels, 5 senses)! Parents love the convenience of an extra-curricular program DURING school hours, allowing them to not lose valuable family time in the evenings. Last year the students' favorite parts were performing at halftime of an Aggie basketball game, and getting their trophy at Shine Time Celebration at the end of the year! 

We can't wait to have a BALL at your school!! For more information or to register your child, please visit Hurry, class size is limited! Please contact us if you have any questions!

Aggieland TOT

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