Jack and Jill Preschool’s Music and Movement program helps children develop physical and cognitive skills, use their imaginations, and have fun.

During the music program, students will sing traditional children’s songs and learn many new ones. They will have the opportunity to play with a variety of simple instruments including tambourines, cymbals, maracas, triangles, and different types of drums. Students will also get creative with homemade instruments such as, shakers, harmonicas, guitars, and several percussion instruments. Many of the activities in this program will promote cognitive development through the use of numbers, colors, shapes, and letters.

Movement will allow the children to work on coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, and spatial awareness through imaginative play, games, and exercises. Activities will help children to develop fine and gross motor skills. Exercise will be incorporated into movement through aerobics, dance, stretching, sports, strengthing, gross motor skills, and balance. Children will work out and learn about overall health, anatomy, nutrition, healthy food choices, and exercise.

The goal of our Music and Movement program is to provide a developmentally appropriate approach to early childhood music education that is fueled by a passion and love for music and children.

Music & Movement Enrichment Program

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