Kristen Holcomb

Assistant Director

Ms. Kristen has been apart of the Jack 

& Jill team since march of 2009. She started as an afternoon teacher in our K-2 class and then became the K-3 Lead before moving to our K-5 classroom. In the summer of 2013 she stepped into the role of Assistant Director. She has also taken on the role of Enrichment Coordinater and leads our Bible program. One of her favorite times and Jack & Jill is putting together the end of the year graduation program. She loves incorporating music & movement into each of our classrooms. Ms. Kristeb has always enjoyed working with children, and feels so grateful and blessed to have Jack & Jill, where we can help mold and shape their young minds.She loves that we are able to encourage each and every child and watch them grow in our program.

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Infant/Toddler Breaker

Caylee Pruitt

Floater/ Preschool Breaker

Ms. Caylee was born in College Station but was raised in Pearland, TX. She moved back to the BCS area to further her education, where she currently attends Blinn College pursuing a degree in Education. She is the oldest of 3 girls. She has been in childcare for over 3 years and has found a love for teaching and watching each of the children grow and learn. For her teaching children has always been a fascinating adventure and she loves watching how quickly they learn new information and question concepts that come up in there every day life.

Ms. Caylee is excited to be apart of the Jack & Jill Family.

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K-3/K-4 Assistant


Olivia Shepley


Ms.Olivia grew up around food and working with many different people. Both her parents are chefs so she has lots of experience in the kitchen. She has two children, a son that attends Jack & Jill Preschool and a daughter that loves to come visit whenever she can.

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Infant Alternate Lead


Jamie Mitchell

K-2A Lead

Ms. Jamie has been apart of Jack & Jill Preschool for over 6 years, but has previously worked in another childcare center for 12 years before leaving to care for her grandparents. She greatly enjoys the Christian atmosphere and the bonds between fellow teacher as well as the parents. It is in this atmosphere that makes it feel like an extended family unit. SHe is blessed to work here each day and hopes to be a blessing to others.


Aaliyah Fitzpatrick

Preschool Alternate Lead

Cassondra Flores


Kaytlyn Livingston

Office Asst./ Floater

Miss Kaytlyn is a junior at Texas A&M university where she is majoring in Agriculture Leadership and Development. She loves being able to work with her co-workers and getting able to love on each little one that comes through our doors daily. She hope that she can contribute to each students life in a positive way.

Destiny Lavador

K-2B Lead

Alyssa Ruiz

Tots 1B Assistant

Mrs. Alyssa was born and raised in a small town and moved to Bryan/College Station when she was 15. She grew up with a big family and knew she always wanted children of her own. In December of 2014 her son Alexander was born. She loves children and feels that it is a honor to watch them grow as well as being able to help them learn new things. She is very greatful that Jack & Jill Preschool allows her to teach about our God and how amazing He is and how much He loves us.

Rhonda Lopez

Tots 1B Lead

Mrs. Rhonda is excited to start her first year at Jack & Jill Preschool and looking forward to all the fun she will have exploring and learning with the chilren in her class. She grew up in the small town of Snook, Tx. She is a parent to 3 growing children and is expecting in December 2019. When she is not teaching she enjoys spending time with her family.

Christina Barragan

Afterschool Lead

Ms. Christina is a sophomore at Texas A&M University where she is majoring in Psychology. She is originally from Pasadena, TX. She plans to one day complete her Doctorate in Forensic Osycology. She hopes she can make a positive impact on the children that come through Jack & Jill.

Our Staff

Melissa Ramiez


Mrs. Melissa has been our Center Director for the past 7 years. She has an AAS in Childhood Development form Blinn College. Mrs. Melissa has over 30 years of experience in the childcare field. She has been married to her husband John for 30 years, and have two daughters Lindsey & Ashleigh as well as four grandchildren Brandon, Alyssa, Jayden & Jaxxcyn. Mrs. Melissa's hobbies include reading, kayaking & fishing, and spending time with her family. Her dedication to guide the young children she serves comes from this motto; "Train your mind to see the good in everything.

Positivity is a choice." 


Alanna McDaniel

Summer Camp Lead

Miss Alanna is our currently a sophmore at Sam Houston State University and Majoring in Phychology. SHe has two younger brother and has been surrounded by children most of her life. Her goals as a teacher is to help train up children, let them know God's love and help them reach all that God has planned for them. She believes that every child has been blessed with talents and skills; and helping them reach their greatest potential is the most important thing.

Leslie Nordsven


Mrs. Leslie is a mother to two children and loves all kinds of animals. She has lived in Spring, TX and North Dakota , but moved to Bryan, Tx in december of 2018. She believes all children are a gift from God and should be nourished about His love. She loves being able to teach children and influence them to become the best that they can be. She knows that they are our future and our legacy and by teaching them is the greastest way to leave our mark on this world.


Lindsey Ramirez

K-3A Lead

Caitlin Hosea

K-3B Lead

Miss Caitlin is the youngest of three girls and was born & raised here in College Station. She has two dog's that are both mama's boys. She has been in childcare for 5 years and the this fall with work towards completing her CDA. She believes her experiences in childcare have challenged her but at the same time has been so rewarding. She looks forward to having new students in her class and helping them develop and grow in so many 

different ways.

Alexandra Aviles

K-4 Lead

Mrs. Alexandra is a passionate, loving and creative person. She loves God above all things and everything she does is for Him. She has a beautiful family that includes her husband and two children. Her family has served the Lord for 12 years. She has taught preschool and elementary for over 9 years. She loves being able to teach the children that come through her class. The most important thing for her is being able to sow a seed that when they are able to grow and mature from a good fruit. She feels that it is her responisbility to mark their lives with love in a spiritual, emotional and learning way. It is a great satisfaction to see all her goals met in each student that comes through her class.

Jennifer Jaganathan

Tots 2B AM Lead

Ms. Jennifer has been working with children for over 9 years and is very passionate about working with younger children. She has a Masters in English but has chosen early learning as her life's work because she believes a child's education is the most valuable thing in the world. She is dedicated to the social and emotional devolopment of each child and makes it her goal to make sure each child recieves the best care and love that they all deserve.

Mrs. Jennifer is a proud mom of 2 children who she dearly loves with her whole heart.

Madison Koltz

Tots 2B PM Assistant

Coming Soon

Tots 2A Lead 

Coming Soon

Toddler Alternate Lead

Cierra Cozart

Tots 1A Lead

Mrs. Cierra is originally from Cisco, Tx and is married to her best friend together they have a son. She moved to College Station so her husband could attend Texas A&M. She hopes to attend school to become a coach or Ag teacher. Her goal at Jack & Jill Preschool is to leave a mark on their hearts & minds in some kind of way. She is very thankful for the chance to love on your babies.

Brittany Towell

Infant 1 Lead

Ms. Brittny is from Bryan, TX and has two wonderful children. She loves being able to teach your children about Christ and watch each of them grow into little adults. For her being a teacher brings so much joy and believes that everyday is a blessing.

Shauna Harris

Infant 2 Lead

Mrs. Shuana has been apart of the Jack & Jill family for  4 years and has absolutly loved every minute of it. She is a wife and mother to 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. She is currently working towards her CDA.

Daniele Robinson

Infant 3 Lead

Mrs. Daniele Was born in Bartow, FL. and move to Bryan, TX in the summer of 2005. She graduated from Bryan High School in 2007. She has an amazing husband and two beautiful daughters who are 10 and 2. She is a member of Skybreak Church where she loves serving on the Skybreak Kids team. She is working on completing her CDA to help further her knowledge in early childcare. She loves working with children and is so grateful for the opportunity to care for your children and is excited to see where God will lead your child this school year.


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