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Jack + Jill Preschool, Bryan, College Station


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Jack + Jill Preschool Frequently Asked Questions

Communication between parents and teachers is extremely important. We want your experience with Jack + Jill Preschool to be a positive one, as well as your child to feel safe and comfortable. If a teacher has a concern or question, she will set aside a convenient time for both of you to discuss the issue. We may also communicate through our Procare app, our website, Facebook, and SMS text messages. During an emergency, we will use multiple forms of communication to ensure that our parents are notified ASAP.

In the event of inclement weather, Jack + Jill Preschool will follow the Bryan ISD/College Station ISD schedule. Closing or delayed opening announcements will be available on the local television stations and in our center’s Facebook Group.

We are open year-round, Monday-Friday, 6:45 AM until 6:00 PM, and provide full-time childcare for children ages six weeks though 5 years of age.

For enrollment, Jack + Jill Preschool requires that tuition be collected through our Tuition Express program. Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. Payment arrangements can be set up to have a split tuition with ½ due on the 1st and ½ due on the 15th. For current tuition rates, please contact Jack + Jill Preschool.

Jack + Jill Preschool is a full-time childcare facility. We do not offer any part-time childcare aside from our after school programs.

Children are required to have a current immunization record on file with Jack + Jill Preschool while in our care; this is a requirement of Minimum Standards. A statement signed by a physician licensed to practice medicine is also required. This statement should state that the physician has examined the child and finds the child physically able to participate in the school’s programs.

Activities using TV/video, computer, or video games are prohibited for children under the age of two years. On occasion the teacher may have an age-appropriate video for the children to watch that pertains to their lesson for the day and not to exceed the maximum of 2 hours per day.

The curriculum used at Jack + Jill Preschool is called A BEKA Book curriculum. The A BEKA Book Curriculum is taught to children 18 months to 5 years of age. It is a Christian-based phonics and numbers curriculum that focuses on teaching the children number and letter recognition as well as phonics. Learn more about our curriculum.

Jack + Jill Preschool strives to utilize positive discipline techniques such as redirection, verbalization of misunderstandings, consistency, and acceptance of feelings, firmness and fairness. In certain conditions, a brief “renewal time” (also known as a cool down period, thinking time, or time out) will be utilized. If the problem continues, the parents will be notified, by phone or in writing, and consulted on ways to help alleviate the situation.

The Jack + Jill Preschool meal program includes breakfast, lunch, and snack served each day in our multi-purpose room. Meals and snack time are scheduled so that no child will go more than four hours without being offered food.

  • Infant classes, the teacher to student ratio is 1:4
  • TOTS 1 (12 months – 18 months) is 1:5
  • TOTS 2 (18 months – 24 months) is 1:9
  • K-2 (2 year olds) is 1:11
  • K-3 (3 year olds) is 1:13
  • K-4 (4 year olds) is 1:15

Jack + Jill Preschool is fully licensed, and our standards exceed state requirements. The center is routinely inspected by the Health Department, Fire Department, and Department of Protective and Childcare Services.

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