One of our Teachers of the Month for July 2023 is Ms. Mckenzie McGee who is one of our mobile infant teachers. McKenzie is one of our early morning openers who is always ready to open the center for our first students who enter through our doors each morning. Ms. Mckenzie is a devoted teacher who takes her role very seriously as she cares for our students. Mckenzie has been working for Jack + Jill Preschool for a year and we are so thankful to have her as a part of our Jack + Jill family. Ms. Mckenzie has stated that she loves to watch each of her students grow into their own person.

A fun fact about Mckenzie is that she herself is a mother to a two year old who attends Jack + Jill and she has stated that she has watched her child learn and grow into himself while attending Jack + Jill Preschool. Mckenzie is also planning to further her education and training within the early childhood education field. We look forward to seeing Ms. Mckenzie continue to grow into her passion. Keep up the good work Ms. Mckenzie!